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My name is Shalina.

I am an experienced and qualified Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Myofascial Release Practitioner.

from a massage perspective I specialize in treating chronic pain with an holistic approach as more often than not there are various contributing factors to long standing neck pain for example such as stress, diet and lifestyle.

I use many different techniques depending on what your body needs, my role as a therapist is to facilitate your body in doing what it is more than capable of doing - healing itself.

You may also be given some advice, exercises and stretches to do at home to compliment your treatments. This is an important part of any recovery and will also give you back some control over your health.

For more information on the importance of stretching you might wish to watch a short YouTube clip posted by Dr. Gill Hedley called "The Fuzz Speech".

From a Personal training perspective I will only work with people who are sure about wanting to make some positive changes to their life. It takes commitment from both parties... I will offer my full support to anyone who wishes to either start from scratch with their fitness, perhaps lose some weight and those wishing to reach new goals whether that be your first 5k or beating a personal best at an upcoming sporting event. Whichever it is I will be able to put together a bespoke training program for you and motivate you to sticking to it! Having run various marathons in the past and obtaining injuries trying to go it alone (prior to my PT training) I can say you have done the right thing seeking assistance. 

NB. Although a single massage treatment may be enough to release some muscular tension and aid relaxation, you should bear in mind that if you have a complaint that has given you symptoms for a fair amount of time you are likely going to need more than the one treatment to see long term results.